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Release Year: 2007

Countries: Argentina, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Taiwan, UK & Europe, Ukraine, United States

Formats: CD, 180g Double 12" Vinyl, CD/DVD

Label: Epic

Producer: Tori Amos

Release Dates:

UK & Europe: April 30 2007
United States: May 1 2007

Description: Tori's third and final studio album with Epic was a sharp departure from its predecessor sonically. Described by some critics as "glam rock", the songs feature heavier guitars and drums than her previous albums. In the album concept, Tori chooses to embody 5 different female characters to express various archetypes in Greek mythology through a modern lens.

The Limited Edition of this album featured an extra bonus track on the DVD called "My Posse Can Do". Additionally, it came with 5 trading cards with the chance to collect 3 different sets in all. An expanded full color 36-page booklet was also included.

It is interesting to note that with the inclusion of the 5th trading card in the Limited Edition, this album was disqualified from entering the UK Charts. As was described on the now obsolete official Tori website EverythingTori:

"According to the UK Chart Regulations, the limited edition special package of American Doll Posse has been disqualified from the UK Charts. Apparently offering the fans 5 postcards is considered too much of a gift, and sales of the CD are ineligible. Tori made the decision not to compromise the packaging so the UK fans would receive the same presentation as the rest of the world."

The UK version of the Limited Edition Scarlet's Walk was missing the bonus charm (available in the US Limited Edition) for this very reason. Also interesting to note, there was no limited edition created for the UK; the US version was distributed in that country. There is, however, a UK/EU version for the standard edition.

Perhaps more than any album to date, American Doll Posse has an impressive array of special editions containing bonus extras:

• Purchasing either the regular or Limited Edition of American Doll Posse on Itunes would give you access to the exclusive bonus track "Miracle".

• Borders also had a download-only bonus track called "Drive All Night" with the purchase of the standard edition (US only).

• The Limited Edition DVD contained an extra track not included on this (regular) edition, "My Posse Can Do".

• For a limited time, the standard edition purchased at Target included a folded up poster (enlarged version of the front artwork photo).

• Purchasing the album at certain independent music stores would grant you a free lithograph.

The doll singing on each song is delineated in the comments below.

Track Listing:
Standard Track List
1.  Yo George01:25Isabel

2.  Big Wheel03:18Tori

3.  Bouncing Off Clouds04:08Clyde, with Santa on background vocals

4.  Teenage Hustling04:00Pip

5.  Digital Ghost03:50Tori, with Clyde on background vocals

6.  You Can Bring Your Dog04:04Santa

7.  Mr. Bad Man03:18Isabel

8.  Fat Slut00:41Pip

9.  Girl Disappearing04:00Clyde

10.  Secret Spell04:04Santa

11.  Devils And Gods00:53 Isabel

12.  Body And Soul03:56Pip and Santa

13.  Father's Son03:59Tori

14.  Programmable Soda01:25Santa

15.  Code Red05:57Tori, with Pip on background vocals

16.  Roosterspur Bridge03:38Clyde

17.  Beauty Of Speed04:08Clyde

18.  Almost Rosey05:23Isabel

19.  Velvet Revolution01:19Pip

20.  Dark Side Of The Sun04:19Isabel, with Tori on background vocals

21.  Posse Bonus01:45Tori

22.  Smokey Joe04:19 Pip

23.  Dragon05:03Santa

Borders Standard Edition
24.  Drive all Night04:34Santa, with Isabel on background vocals

Itunes (both editions)
24.  Miracle04:34Cyde and Tori

Limited Edition DVD
1.  My Posse Can Do03:37Santa

2.  Behind the Scenes: ADP Photo Shoot (Video)05:21 

Note: the "Year" column in the table below indicates the release year, not necessarily the year physically printed on the item.

Photo Country Year Title FormatCatalog Label Tracks
Photo Country Year Title FormatCatalog Label Tracks
1Click to see itemArgentina2007American Doll Posse
CD8287 686140 2Epic23
Click to see itemAustralia2007American Doll Posse
CD82876 861402Epic23
Click to see itemCanada2007American Doll Posse
CD82876 86140 2Epic23
Click to see itemHong Kong2007American Doll Posse
CD82876 86140 2Epic, Sony Music23
Click to see itemJapan2007American Doll Posse
CDEICP 809Epic23
Click to see itemMalaysia2007American Doll Posse
CD82876 86140 2Epic23
Click to see itemMexico2007American Doll Posse
CD8287686140 20Epic23
Click to see itemRussia2007American Doll Posse
CD88697 11152 2Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Epic23
Click to see itemSouth Africa2007American Doll Posse
CD6 007124 501233Epic, Sony Music BMG23
Click to see itemTaiwan2007American Doll Posse
CD82876 86140 2Sony BMG23
1Click to see itemUK & Europe2007American Doll Posse
Click to see itemUkraine2007American Doll Posse
CD88697 11152 2Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Epic23
Click to see itemUnited States2007American Doll Posse
180g Double 12" Vinyl82876 86140 1Epic23
2Click to see itemUnited States2007American Doll Posse
CD82876 86140 2Epic24
2Click to see itemUnited States2007American Doll Posse
Limited Edition
CD/DVD88697 08725 2Epic25