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About Us

The musician Tori Amos has inspired millions of fans around the world with her music. For us, she has inspired to chronicle her journey through audio and visual media.

Physical Media is Our Focus, and Our Passion.

This informational website was inspired by what we fondly refer to as our "Bible", Paul Campbell's Collectibles Book. It's what started it all. If you're a fan of Tori's music and you get a hold of that guide, you will enter a world that has in recent years become less accessible and therefore more precious -- physical media. It is a world we also honor here: music which you can touch and see in real life is our primary passion at Tori Amos Discography & Collectibles.

The Collectibles Book

While The Collectibles book was the initial inspiration, our mission is to expand beyond its horizon, bring an updated, fresh perspective to the world of archiving the Tori Amos universe, and chart new territory.

Our specialty is documenting official physical media in nearly every format and form. Presenting information about all of Tori's music releases (albums, singles, promo CD's, etc) is the main reason we exist, but official items also include promotional items and merchandise (hence the term "collectibles").

"Official" is a very important term here at TAD.

While we do have an Unofficial section for certain items, our primary interest is what Tori's record labels and professional team have officially sanctioned to release, reproduce and distribute. We adhere to a strict standard as we search high and low to find every new release from around the world, and we take great care to screen out possible counterfeits in order to present the most comprehensive and accurate discography and collectibles list on the web. We aren't infallable by any means and sometimes the origins of certain releases are virtually impossible to determine, but 14 years of experience scrutinizing and researching media informs each decision we make.

So whether you're a casual fan looking up information about a particular album, a die-hard Ears with Feet just starting their Tori music collection, or a seasoned collector, this website was tailored from the ground up just for you. Please enjoy browsing and don't hesitate to contact us with any feedback.