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Release Year: 2008

Countries: Australia, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, UK & Europe, United States

Formats: Double CD, CD, Double 12" Vinyl

Label: Eagle Records

Release Dates:

UK & Europe: November 24 2014
United States: September 30 2008

Description: This live album is an interesting pairing of two separate concerts Tori did a year apart at the Montreux Jazz Festival when she was just starting her solo career. The first show was recorded on July 3, 1991 with the second was recorded one year later on July 7, 1992. Most of the songs performed were taken from her solo debut album Little Earthquakes. The full performances were released on DVD and the European 2CD album. The single-CD version (released in North America and South Africa) is missing three songs from the 1992 show, which were available in the US (South Africa is to be confirmed) as a digital download only.

This page documents the CD album, but you may view all the video formats here.

Track Listing:
1.  Silent All These Years04:18 

2.  Precious Things04:40 

3.  China05:22 

4.  Crucify05:46 

5.  Leather04:01 

6.  Song For Eric01:33 

7.  Upside Down04:35 

8.  Happy Phantom03:39 

9.  Winter06:12 

10.  Thank You04:00 

1.  Little Earthquakes05:56 

2.  Crucify05:31Missing from single-CD version

3.  Silent All These Years04:40Missing from single-CD version

4.  Precious Things05:19 

5.  Happy Phantom03:07Missing from single-CD version

6.  Whole Lotta Love / Thank You05:04 

7.  Me & a Gun05:04 

8.  Winter06:26 

9.  Smells Like Teen Spirit03:36 

Note: the "Year" column in the table below indicates the release year, not necessarily the year physically printed on the item.

Photo Country Year Title FormatCatalog Label Tracks
Photo Country Year Title FormatCatalog Label Tracks
Click to see itemAustralia2008Live At Montreux
Double CDCTX452CDEagle Records, Shock Records19
Click to see itemBrazil2008Live At Montreux
Double CDST2EA231Eagle Rock, ST2 Records19
1Click to see itemRussia2008Live At Montreux
Double CDEDGCD391 GAS 0000391 EDGEagle Records19
Click to see itemSouth Africa2008Live At Montreux
CDEDGCD391Eagle Records, Next Music16
Click to see itemUK & Europe2014Live In Switzerland
Double 12" VinylLETV334LPLet Them Eat Vinyl, Eagle Records, Montreux Sounds19
1Click to see itemUK & Europe2008Live At Montreux
Double CDEDGCD391 GAS 0000391 EDGMontreux Sounds, Eagle Eye Media19
Click to see itemUnited States2008Live At Montreux
CDER 20144 2Eagle Records, Montreux Sounds16