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The etymology of the word "Apocrypha" dates back to ancient writings in Biblical times when the origin of the writings was unknown and they did not conform to accepted canon. We are appropriating and modernizing this term to apply to all media related to Tori when the origin is uncertain.

Each item we add to our database goes through a rigorous checklist by our administrative team before they are accepted as official, screening out anything that is questionable. Our mission is to document primarily officially sanctioned media and memorabilia, and our group philosophy holds that we'd rather screen out a legitimate item than allow an inauthentic item into our official category. This is similar to the conservative approach Paul Campbell took in the Collectibles Book. However, documenting as many items as possible is also our goal, so this category was created for items with an undetermined origin so that users have the information available. Many of these items have only subtle differences to what we accept as official at TAD, and there is usually enough evidence to make a case on both sides, but ultimately we have been unable to determine whether or not they are genuine or very convincing counterfeits.

We are not immune to making a mistake and mislabeling an item's category, so if you have any new information about the officiality of any of these items, please feel free to contact us.

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