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Release Year: 2010

Country: United States

Format: Double CD

Producer: Tori Amos

Release Date:

United States: December 3 2010

Description: This unique self-released album was packaged in an elaborate box set that included a signature lomography camera, fllm, lenses, booklet, and limited print all housed in a beautiful die-cut box. The lid opened to reveal a piano design. The box set was sold exclusively through and production was limited to only 2000.

The live 2CD album was recorded in Moscow on September 3, 2010, and each one was hand-signed by Tori herself.

Track Listing:
Disc One
1.  Little Earthquakes 07:17

2.  Icicle 04:48

3.  Beauty Of Speed 05:01

4.  Lust 04:06

5.  Dragon 05:19

6.  Josephine 02:47

7.  Precious Things 06:03

8.  Bells For Her 06:25

9.  Star Of Wonder 03:46

10.  Silent All These Years 05:16

11.  Take To The Sky / Muhammad My Friend 05:10

Disc Two
1.  Take To The Sky / Muhammad My Friend 05:10

2.  Mother Revolution 05:35

3.  Space Dog 05:13

4.  Indian Summer 05:39

5.  China 05:43

6.  Yes Anastasia 05:41

7.  Winter 07:38

8.  Bouncing Off Clouds 05:18

9.  Leather 04:04

Note: the "Year" column in the table below indicates the release year, not necessarily the year physically printed on the item.

Photo Country Year Title FormatCatalog Label Tracks
Photo Country Year Title FormatCatalog Label Tracks
1Click to see itemUnited States2010From Russia With Love Lomography Camera & CD
Limited Edition Box Set
Double CD9007710006361 z700tori 839228002936 293Lomography, Transmission Galactic19