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Release Year: 2015

Countries: Poland, Taiwan, UK & Europe, United States

Format: Double CD

Release Date:

United States: October 9 2015

Description: In 2013, the National Theatre produced a musical staging of the Scottish fairy tale of the same name written by George MacDonald. It is adapted by Samuel Adamson, directed by Marianne Elliott - winner of the Tony Award for Best Directing in 2011 - and has music and lyrics by Tori.

The musical premiered in September 2013, starring Rosalie Craig in the titular role. The cast recording was produced by Tori and was recorded during 2014 at different stops during her Unrepentant Geraldines Tour. Her team, including Mark Hawley and Marcel van Limbeek, engineered the cast album throughout the tour, having recorded the orchestra in April and met up with the different cast members "as they were available". It contains all 33 tracks from the show and features exclusive bonus tracks sung by Tori. Tori has expressed how happy she was that this cast recording of this nature could be completed, since many theater musicals never get an album release given how expensive and logistically complicated it can be to coordinate.

A poster signed by Tori and Samuel Adamson was offered through the Tori Store (via MyPlayDirect at the time) with pre-order of the album.

Main ImageThe Light Princess Poster US • Merch

Track Listing:
Act One
1.  Prologue: Once Upon a Time Original Cast03:38

2.  My Own Land Original Cast07:28

3.  My Fairy-Story Original Cast04:51

4.  Queen Material Original Cast09:58

5.  Sealand Supremacy Original Cast03:37

6.  Zephyrus Call & Levity Original Cast03:00

7.  Althea Original Cast04:32

8.  Scandal Original Cast01:44

9.  The Gauntlet Original Cast01:28

10.  Better Than Good Original Cast03:05

11.  The Solution Original Cast06:14

12.  Highness in the Sky Original Cast01:58

13.  Proverbs & Let the Bells Ring & God, the Horror Original Cast03:10

14.  No H2O Original Cast05:17

15.  Zephyrus Call Reprise & Althea Reprise Original Cast01:06

16.  Darkest Hour Original Cast04:13

17.  After Darkest Hour Original Cast01:33

Act Two
1.  Amphibiava Original Cast04:32

2.  Tinkle, Drizzle, Bubble and Gush Original Cast02:37

3.  Nothing More Than This, Part One Original Cast05:22

4.  Part Two: Queen of the Lake Original Cast03:18

5.  Drought Original Cast01:43

6.  The Whistleblower Original Cast05:44

7.  My Little Girl's Smile Original Cast03:42

8.  Bitter Fate Original Cast02:50

9.  The Wedding Original Cast04:34

10.  Crash in the Universe Original Cast05:32

11.  Tears Original Cast03:39

12.  Gravity and Epilogue: Once Upon a Time Original Cast03:33

13.  Coronation Original Cast03:09

14.  Gravity Original Cast01:59

15.  Highness in the Sky Tori Amos03:25

16.  Darkest Hour Tori Amos03:35

Note: the "Year" column in the table below indicates the release year, not necessarily the year physically printed on the item.

Photo Country Year Title FormatCatalog Label Tracks
Photo Country Year Title FormatCatalog Label Tracks
Click to see itemPoland2015The Light Princess
A Musical by Tori Amos & Samuel Adamson
Double CD4812218(86)Mercury Classics33
Click to see itemTaiwan2015The Light Princess
A Musical by Tori Amos & Samuel Adamson
Double CD4811900Mercury Classics33
Click to see itemUK & Europe2015The Light Princess
A Musical by Tori Amos & Samuel Adamson
Double CD481 1900Mercury Classics33
Click to see itemUnited States2015The Light Princess
A Musical by Tori Amos & Samuel Adamson
Double CDB023791 02Mercury Classics33