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Year Released: 2001

Countries: Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, European Union, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Korea (South), Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, United States

Formats: CD, Cassette, Double CD, Gold CD

Label: Atlantic

Producer: Tori Amos

Release Dates:

Australia: September 17 2001
European Union: September 17 2001
Japan: October 11 2001
United States: September 18 2001

Description: Tori's 6th solo offering explores her noted abilities to reinterpret songs by other artists. This unique concept album is a collection of songs sung originally by men about women, which are then translated to Tori's viewpoint. Tori created a female character for each track and she posed as these different women for the cover artwork. Therefore, there are quite a few cover variations featuring the various characters. In 2002, Tori received two Grammy nominations for this effort. This was her last studio album with the Atlantic label.

Track Listing:
1.  New Age 04:36

2.  '97 Bonnie & Clyde 05:46

3.  Strange Little Girl 03:50

4.  Enjoy The Silence 04:09

5.  I'm Not In Love 05:39

6.  Rattlesnakes 03:59

7.  Time 05:22

8.  Heart Of Gold 03:59

9.  I Don't Like Mondays 04:20

10.  Happiness Is A Warm Gun 09:55

11.  Raining Blood 06:22

12.  Real Men 04:07

Photo Country Year Title FormatCatalog Label Tracks
Photo Country Year Title FormatCatalog Label Tracks
1Click to see itemArgentina2001Strange Little Girls
CD83486 2Atlantic12
4Click to see itemAustralia2001Strange Little Girls
Click to see itemBulgaria2001Strange Little Girls
Cassette7567 83486 4Warner Music International, Atlantic12
5Click to see itemCanada2001Strange Little Girls
CDCD 83486Atlantic Records12
Click to see itemChile2001Strange Little Girls
CD7567 83486 2Atlantic, Warner Music Chile12
5Click to see itemEuropean Union2001Strange Little Girls
CD83486 2Atlantic12
Click to see itemGermany2001Strange Little Girls / Boys For Pele
Box Set
Double CD049301East West30
Click to see itemIndonesia2001Strange Little Girls
Cassette7567 83486 4 C HAO 2353Atlantic12
Click to see itemIndonesia2001Strange Little Girls
CD7567 83486 2 WMI 1633Atlantic12
1Click to see itemJapan2001Strange Little Girls
CDAMCY 7283Atlantic12
Click to see itemKorea (South)2001Strange Little Girls
CD7567 83486 2 7567 83486 2 CAtlantic12
Click to see itemMalaysia2001Strange Little Girls
Cassette7567 83486 4CAtlantic12
Click to see itemPhilippines2001Strange Little Girls
Cassette7567 83486 4 CAtlantic, Warner Music Philippines12
Click to see itemRussia2008Strange Little Girls
Gold CD4607173154248Никитин, Atlantic12
1Click to see itemSouth Africa2001Strange Little Girls
CDATCD 10124Atlantic, Gallo12
Click to see itemTaiwan2001Strange Little Girls
CD7567 83486 2Warner Music Taiwan, Atlantic12
Click to see itemThailand2001Strange Little Girls
Cassette7567 83486 4 CWarner Music Thailand, Atlantic12
Click to see itemUnited States2001Strange Little Girls
Cassette83486 4Atlantic12
4Click to see itemUnited States2001Strange Little Girls
CD83486 2Atlantic12